USA Put One Hand On Weber Cup Trophy

USA Put One Hand On Weber Cup Trophy

June 17th, 2018

Europe 10 – 18 USA

Martin Larsen 236 – 279 Kyle Troup
Svensson & Barrett 244 – 278 Simonsen & Troup
Jesper Svensson 267 – 256 Anthony Simonsen
Barrett & Williams 210 – 234 Jones & Barnes
Stuart Williams 267 – 221 Tommy Jones
Barrett & Svensson 268 – 256 Troup & Barnes
Jesper Svensson 234 – 246 Chris Barnes

TEAM USA are within one point of taking back the WEBER CUP after winning the penultimate session 4-3 to take an 18-10 overall lead into the final session. Needing just one more point to take the coveted trophy, Europe need to win nine consecutive matches to retain the cup.

Needing the best possible start, Europe sent out an under-performing Martin Larsen who was well beaten by Kyle Troup, who’s performances have been going from strength to strength. Troup stayed out there to be joined by another star performer, Anthony Simonsen and they took out Dom Barrett and Jesper Svensson to move to 16 points.

At last Jesper Svensson gave the crowd something to cheer about as he beat Simonsen by 11 pins before vets Jones and Barnes restored the US lead to nine points. Wins for Europe by Stu Williams and then Barrett and Svensson ensured an evening session before Chris Barnes out his side on the brink of victory with a 12-pin win over Jesper Svensson.
Commented Barnes, “Jesper bowled a great game but had some really bad breaks. My job is to take advantage of opportunities no matter how they come about and I was pretty fortunate in that last match of the session.

“We’re feeling euphoric but there is still a little bit of work to be done. The last several Weber Cup’s haven’t gone particularly well and personally I wasn’t sure if I’d get another chance to be back. I’m super excited about tonight’s session and confident we can get one more point.”

Play continues at 18.00 on Sunday with singles matches.