October 8th, 2021

The USA’s Tom Daugherty feels ready to make a big impact at the Weber Cup on his debut at the Morningside Arena, Leicester next Thursday 14, to Saturday, 16 October with limited tickets available.


“The whole team thing, I like representing the country. Every time I’ve watched it, the guys get into it more so than if it was a singles competition. The fans over seem a bit rowdy, I am looking forward to it. I’ve always watched it and thought it’d be cool to be in that environment, I was never sure I was going to get that opportunity. The whole atmosphere, I cannot wait to be a part of that.”

Daugherty says there’s something magical when wearing the USA jersey: “It makes it more special. It always adds a bit more pressure. There’s already enough pressure on you with four teammates back there. When you add the country watching you, the whole bowlers watching you, rooting for you. You’re not just letting yourself down, your team down, you’re letting tens of thousands of viewers down so it’s extra pressure so it’s going to make it that much better.”

He feels he heads to England in great shape: “I am bowling pretty good. I kept bowling good, but I fell into a little slump but bowled out of it. I bowled in a PBA event last weekend which was my last tune-up and came out on top in that and won that. I feel good right now, it’s a funny game though, you can have it the one week but not the next. Hopefully, I will be on the top of my game when I get out there.”

“The plan is to keep this streak going. You see those guys and all the work they’ve put in. You don’t want to be part of not continuing that domination. I want to go over there, dominate them and make it four in a row and bring this thing home with us.”


Ticket prices start from £15.00 per session for adults and £7.50 for children with a whole host of ticket options available including Premium which includes unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks with a hot food option alongside special table seating on the left side of the lane as the players bowl. Fans also have the option to pick up a season pass from £50 making a saving of £10 over the week.

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Premium Tickets include:

  • Unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks
  • Hot food option
  • Table seating on the left side of the lane as players bowl

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Established in 2000, the Weber Cup is the annual USA v Europe tenpin bowling challenge. Named after American bowling legend Dick Weber, the man who helped shape modern bowling, the event features two five-man teams competing over three days in a series of singles and doubles matches.